Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Stress Relief - Positive Thinking

Let me start off by saying: BREATHE~ You're not the only one. Yeah, I know what went through your mind just then, I'm not everybody I'm me or I hear that all the time. Maybe so, but it's true, right? The FACT of the matter is, it's not what you respond to it's how you respond to it! think about this if someone makes you angry next time and you know when someone is trying to pick your nerve. Instead of reacting same as such balance your attitude to RESPOND in way of a more relaxed tone. Once again, I know that's seems difficult but it's really not, just try it. Practice this and you will realize how that minute you wasted being angry is the minute you took away from your happiness. I'll admit that sometimes it's not that easy, we're all HUMAN right? but with practice comes a sense of peace because if you're aiming to practice something that means it's something you want right? and come on who doesn't want to be happy, it's the most abundant joy you could ever experience in life.

Here a relaxation video to help you get started on your journey to becoming more at peace with. PEACE, LOVE & BLESSINGS...............................................

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