Monday, November 10, 2014

New Rule Leaves Drivers Furious and Shocked!/ Car Insurance

New Rule Leaves Drivers Furious and Shocked!

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Are you being scammed by your current insurer? New policies are indicating that for years many drivers have been overpaying on their car insurance.
This is the 1 truth your car insurance company doesn't want you to know. If you're driving less than 45 miles per day on average and live in a qualified zip code you can get some huge discounts. In addition, if you have no DUI's on your record, you can get even more discounts. Has your car insurance company ever told you that? And these aren't the only money saving tricks, yet it remains very difficult to find a truely good deal on auto insurance.
When drivers enter their zip code at many are shocked at the results they find. Most just cannot believe that the available rates are in fact real, but the truth is rates have dropped significantly over the past 12 months and thanks to new program policies it's now easy to save up to 65% or more with rates as low as $27/month.

So, what is the "One Simple Rule?" Simple NEVER buy car insurance without comparing all of the discounts available to you through an unbiased source. Up until now this has been nearly impossible to do manually...
Luckily there are now new web app tools to help you achieve your lowest rate possible. Sarah Reed, the Authority on insurance savings, tested this new secure web app to see if it lived up to the hype. It was so easy to use, she ran 3 peoples quotes in 10 minutes and reached an average savings of $578 per year for each customer. Sarah then used this secure web app called for her own car insurance, and saved even more.

A true stimulus package for the middle-class

Based on these findings it is evident that, the only way to get the discounted rates you deserve, is to take matters into your own hands. Smart consumers already know this, and as a rule; are now choosing to use online tools to receive unbiased insurance quotes fast and hassle free.
NOTE: You're NEVER LOCKED into your current policy. If you've already paid your current policy, you can very easily cancel and the balance will be refunded.
Click this screenshot here to try it yourself:
The big question is: how does this technology help you save more money than your agent? The problem is that agents don't want to find you the best deal, because the more you pay, the more they make. Now, you can contact multiple companies instantaneously online, giving you several "quotes" for the same level of coverage. You can avoid agent fees by finding the cheapest price yourself.
That way, consumers keep more money in their pocket, saving an average of 45% per year. ComScore's 2012 U.S. Online Auto Insurance Shopping Report recommends that more people take advantage of secure services like There's no login required and no fee: simply click here to enter your zip code, fill out your basic information, and start saving money.


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