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25-year-old Turning Down Second Multi-million-dollar Deal to Sell New Organic Skincare Secret

25-year-old Turning Down Second Multi-million-dollar Deal to Sell New Organic Skincare Secret


Z Skin Cosmetics originally made a splash when the 25-year-old turned down over 5 million dollars to sell his secret behind his revolutionary organic eye cream. Now, the huge corporations are knocking again, for the lotion that instantly stops oily skin.
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Los Angeles, CA / ACCESWIRE / November 10, 2014 / Ryan Zamo has become the top admired 25-year-old in the world, with articles being published non-stop about his unprecedented work in organic skincare. The newest product that the money hungry corporations are after is his "Mid Day Oil Relief". The multi award winning miracle moisturizer, priced right under $16, actually absorbs oil and sweat on contact, and stops excess oil by mimicking the skins moisture, hence "tricking" the skin into stopping the excess production of oil.
Recently published articles focused on his amazing discovery of an organic alternative to chemical face peels, his "Zz Eye" that instantly removes dark bags and circles and the remarkable results the "Z Skin" products produce in such a short time. "I think its kind of funny that they keep coming back, because I guess they're hoping that I am a typical 25-year-old who would sell out for the money. The truth is, I love what I do, and no amount of money can replace that feeling," Zamo quoted.
With the recent success of his skincare line "Z Skin" spreading across the world like wildfire, this young entrepreneur is clearly sticking to his roots. Ryan Zamo, only 25, still hand-makes all of his own products. He said "It really is a one man show, people think that I am some huge corporation with fancy 1-800 numbers to call, but the truth is that it is just me doing all the work. I made a short video documenting the process it takes for me to make Mid Day Oil Relief, to show everyone the hard work I put into each product."
Ryan Zamo originally started making skincare for himself, with help from his mother who is a plant biologist and a father from Budapest, Hungry. "I was tired of trying everything on TV and waiting for results, so I just decided to start making my own skincare," the CEO quoted. Every product for sale by the company was created for the young entrepreneur himself "For example, I created my Sundown Lotion, which is the first ever eczema fighting-itch and burn relief- deeply moisturizing- beg repellent and antihistamine. I was working late one night over the summer, and left the doors open, the next day I had welts all over my body from the bug bites. While scratching them like crazy, I was outside all day and had 2cnd degree sunburns, and so I created something to help. After 3 applications that night of the Sundown Lotion, my skin was tan, did not peel, the bug bites were gone and it left no scaring!"
There seems to be no question that the products work, being hailed as "The Next Proactiv" by the Wall Street Journal, "Product of The Year" by multiple news sources and "Best Affordable Skincare Line" by the Daily News. This young man has turned his drive into helping others into a worldwide phenomenon, and it looks like these huge investors aren’t going to stop knocking anytime soon.
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Name: Ryan Zamo
Organization: z Skin Cosmetics llc
SOURCE: z Skin Cosmetics llc

Could this be the next skincare trend?

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