Monday, May 21, 2012

Dr. Davis's "Carb Smart" Plan that MELTS belly FAT!

With summer just around the corner women and men are looking for a safe and easy way to lose those extra stubborn 10lbs. Well, Dr.Davis "Carb Smart" Plan will help you lose more than a pond a week. Dr. William Davis, M.D., is the bestselling author of the title "Wheat Belly Diet". Dr.Davis's plan includes some delicious smoothies, one smoothie for breakfast and other for lunch, plus a sensible dinner of lean protein and unlimited non starchy vegetables. I have tried this plan and I've lost over twenty pounds in a month. You must have the drive to want it or this plan will not work for you but if you want that summer beach body staying focused is key, right?. Below is the plan that has worked for myself and others.

Dr.Davis's Berry Flaxseed Hunger Blaster:               
1/2 cup berries, such as raspberries and strawberries    
1/2 cup coconut milk                                                        
4 Tbs. whey protein powder                                           
2 tsp. ground flaxseed                                                   
4 ice cubes                                                                     
Whip all ingredients in blender until frothy.                
Dr.Davis's Chocolate-Almond Power Shake
1/2 cup coconut milk                                                   
2 tsp. almond butter                                                   
2 Tbs.whey protein powder
1Tbs. cocoa powder(unsweetened)                        
4 slices frozen banana, plus ice cubes to taste                              
2 tsp. Truvia (or other sweetener, to taste)
1/2 tsp. almond extract
Whip all ingredients in blender until frothy.


Unlimited grilled or broiled chicken breast, lean beef or fish prepared with
lemon juice, herbs and spices to taste. At least 2 cups non-starchy vegetables with 1 tsp. olive oil
1 small sweet potato or 1/2 cup brown rice, quinoa or beans.
 **Cutting wheat has the biggest impact, limiting even wheat free-carbs will lead to fastest weight loss.

Snacks: unlimited veggies and "good" fats (nuts, nut butter, guacamole, hummus, etc.)
**Of course, when trying to burn "FAT" or "LOSE WEIGHT" you'll receive maximum benefits when you include a moderate exercise plan. I've included a list of workout sites below that will help you achieve your goal while on Dr.Davis's plan.

A Workout For The Lean Hollywood Look Click Here!

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Flavía Del Monte's Full-Body-Licious Workout System Click Here!

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