Thursday, April 19, 2012

Power Smoothie-Energy

Mornings for some are "dreadful". The lack of energy makes you feel like crawling back into bed and sleeping the day away. Well, we all can't do that because of this thing we call "LIFE". In which, keeps us busy with "Things to do, Places to go and People to see" right. So, I decided to do my good deed for today and share my natural energy boosting secret~shhhhhhhhhhhhh. This smoothie keeps me pumped up practically all day long. I hope this will be a delight for you as well. Drink up.

2- cups of fresh orange juice
1- cup blueberries
1- whole green apple
1- cup frozen strawberries
Tsp. of honey (optional)
B-12 ~1000mcg or 1mg (optional)

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