Saturday, November 01, 2014

Green Power Smoothie

Mornings sometimes are dreadful. The lack of energy makes you feel like crawling back into bed and just sleeping the day away. Well, we all can't do that because of "Things to do, Places to go and People to see", right. So, I would like to share my inexpensive energy drink that keeps me revved practically all day long and hope it would be a delight for you as well.

Things You Will Need:

1- cup spinach
1- cup collards greens
1- cup coconut water
1- cup almond milk or soy milk
1- cup blueberries
1- whole green apple
1/2- lemon
1- cup of distilled water

You can use a blender or juicer

This blend gives you energy, helps with weight loss & detoxifies

Spinach- are important for hair, bones, skin and provide iron, protein, vitamins & minerals

Collard Greens- decreases risk of obesity, diabetes, heart disease, weight loss, healthy complexion and hair

Almond milk- manage weight, strong bones, healthy heart, low sugar, glowing skin, lactose free, contains fiber for proper digestion

Blueberries- highest antioxidant of all fruits, neutralizes free radicals that can affect aging and disease, helps reduce belly fat, promotes urinary tract health, preserve vision, brain health, dissolve bad cholesterol(Heart disease), inhibit certain types of cancer, helps with constipation & digestion

Green Apple- Antioxidants, reduction of liver and digestive tract issues, lower cholesterol, decreases chances of colon cancer, fiber, energy, appetite control "1 apple a day keeps the doctor away"

lemon- controls high blood pressure, cleanses teeth, provides relief from fever & cold, relieves respiratory & breathing problems, natural antiseptic, help reduce body weight, stops internal bleeding, blood purifier

Distilled Water- 99% free of impurities, improve skin appearance, improve oxygen delivery, removes toxins and waste products, helps transport and increase nutrient absorption, improve immune function

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****I'm not a health professional. Consult with your health professional first.

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